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HGV Mechanic. Irlanda

Ofertas de trabajo en Irlanda

Descripción de la oferta de trabajo:

HGV mechanics specialise in repairing and servicing the mechanical components, electrical systems, and electronic circuitry of heavy goods vehicles, such as trucks and lorries. They are responsible for diagnosing and fixing issues with engines, transmissions, braking systems, and other critical components. Additionally, HGV mechanics may also repair and service auto air-conditioning systems installed in these vehicles.

=> Tasks required by this job include:

•    Performing visual inspections, conducting diagnostic tests using specialised equipment to identify complex engine and mechanical issues in heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).

•    Inspecting and repairing hydraulic systems, including hydraulic brakes and power steering. Removing, dismantling, repairing, and replacing defective parts, and fabricating new parts using appropriate tools.

•    Reassembling, testing, adjusting, and tuning parts, systems, or entire engines to ensure proper functionality.

•    Conducting routine maintenance checks on oil and air filters, brakes, and other vehicle components and systems.

•    Overhauling and rebuilding major components such as engines, transmissions, and differentials.

•    Performing wheel alignment and balancing to ensure proper tire wear and vehicle stability.

•    Troubleshooting and repairing advanced electronic systems, including engine management systems and onboard diagnostics.

•    Diagnosing faults in electrical and electronic circuitry, removing faulty components, and installing replacements.

•    Checking the condition of electrical and electronic systems and performing servicing tasks as needed.

•    Welding and fabricating metal components for repairs or custom modifications. Installing additional electrical amenities and aerials, as requested.

•    Repairing and servicing air conditioning, heating, and engine-cooling systems to maintain optimal performance in HGVs.

•    Conducting preventative maintenance inspections and following manufacturer-recommended service intervals.

•    Providing technical guidance and support to other mechanics or apprentices in the workshop. Keeping accurate records of repairs, parts used, and maintenance procedures performed.

•    Staying updated on industry advancements, new vehicle technologies, and safety regulations through ongoing training and professional development


•    Full qualified mechanics, over 5 years’ experience Strong diagnostic skills

•    General computer literacy

•    Fluent written and spoken English

•    HGV licence an advantage

•    Hard working and enthusiastic

País del trabajo: Irlanda.

Número de puestos: 5.

Empleador: North Dublin Commercials Ltd.

Instrucciones para solicitar:

Oferta de trabajo obtenida del portal Eures, con fecha 15 de Mayo de 2024, y con identificador de la vacante:2337449.