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Tech Lead Integrations

Clasificación del trabajo: Directores y gerentes › Directores y gerentes de producción y operaciones › Directores de servicios de tecnología de la información y las comunicaciones › Directores de servicios de tecnología de la información y las comunicaciones › director de tecnología/directora de tecnología.

Traducción de la profesión: Managers › Production and specialised services managers › Information and communications technology service managers › Information and communications technology service managers.

Descripción de la oferta de trabajo:

MazeMap produces high-quality indoor maps of customers’ venues and enables end-users to find their way. In order to increase the functionality of the maps, we have integrations with various calendars, sensors and positioning systems made by key partners. Through these integrations it is possible to book resources and visualize sensor information directly in the maps. Our plan is to keep improving the indoor positioning experience with increased accuracy, as well as the general user experience, for both our customers and end-users. We also intend to continue expanding our offerings with new exciting features. So if you are up for a challenge, continue reading.

What you get as an Engineer in MazeMap

We have 14 experienced software engineers split across three different teams. The Frontend & Integrations team currently consists of four engineers where you will be responsible for the technical and planning aspect of our integration work. We have confidence in you to solve problems, create a good work environment with your colleagues and work together to improve the skill set of the team.

MazeMap believes in helping each other within and across teams. We have a lean company structure that allows new ideas to be implemented quickly, letting our engineers be as productive as possible.

We are located in state-of-the-art premises in the penthouse floor of the Adressa building in Trondheim, and have a flexible arrangement in relation to working hours and home office.

Our Software & Infrastructure Stack

  • We use React in our frontend projects

  • We use React native for our native apps

  • We have services written in both Python and Java

  • We use Kubernetes to run container images in Google Cloud

  • Our database management system is PostgreSQL

  • We use Jenkins to build, Ansible for deployment and Gerrit for code review

Who we are looking for

You have experience with a variety of technology stacks and systems, and are interested in learning about new technology and how new integrations would affect the use of our products. You have a solid understanding of how both frontends and backends interact so that you can build and provide guidance on good software architecture. You also have a good understanding of separation of concerns and how to define interfaces between different systems and components.

Our features and integrations need to be of high quality and be built with scalability in mind. The team does code review on all changes, and you will leverage your expertise to identify potential issues. We expect a tech lead to be a strong contributor for planning and coordinating the development roadmap, to ensure efficient but balanced decision-making within your team, and to oversee the successful execution. In addition, you have good analytical skills combined with a commercial mindset that helps balance business goals and technical requirements.

It is important that you are a team player and are able to not just help and support your team, but work with other teams to help remove obstacles to achieve successful deliveries together. You should facilitate effective communication between various teams, partners, and customers. With information from different perspectives of the problem, you will be well-positioned to provide valuable insights and highlight potential concerns.

As a tech lead for integrations you will be responsible for maintaining and expanding existing APIs for receiving data from external systems, as well as designing and maintaining integrations that pull data from external sources. You will collaborate with the frontend engineers to visualize what was integrated. The team uses analytics to ensure the uptime of our services, and you are expected to identify important functionality and make sure there are alarms to notify the team when something is wrong.

Good communication skills in English are required, both written and oral. It is beneficial if you speak Norwegian, but that is not a requirement.

The work location is in Trondheim and we prefer that you already live in Norway.

What we offer

  • An engineering culture that promotes learning and knowledge sharing

  • Interesting problems to solve

  • Flexible work schedule and location

  • Bonus and share program

About MazeMap

MazeMap is a Norwegian software company based in Trondheim. MazeMap provides a service for indoor maps, designed for large building complexes, such as universities, hospitals and offices. We are recognized by Gartner as the world leader of our industry in the university sector. The company was founded in 2013, and we currently consist of 60 employees. The engineering department consists of 16 highly experienced and skilled software engineers.There are several things that differentiate our solution from our competitors, among other things, we are far ahead when it comes to automation. In 2015 we won the European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC). In 2016 we were named as one of the top 25 IoT providers by CIO Application Magazine. The same magazine also named us as one of the top 10 API-providers in 2018.

Om arbeidsgiveren:

MazeMap is a global provider of indoor map and navigation services. We are a 4-year- old start-up from NTNU with offices in Trondheim, Palo Alto, Melbourne, London and Odessa, and we already work with customers on all continents. Our goal is making indoor maps as ubiquitous as outdoors maps. The only way to achieve this is through automation, and we aim to be the first provider fully automating the process of creating indoor maps. As of today, our machine learning fueled service helps our users close to 300 000 times per month across 13 countries.

País del trabajo: Noruega.

Región: Trøndelag.

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Número de puestos: 1.

Instrucciones para solicitar:

Oferta de trabajo obtenida del portal Eures, con fecha 01 de Febrero de 2024, y con identificador de la vacante:48e85933-aa36-4ed0-aae6-a74bad7f3d75.

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