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Senior Data Scientist. Luxemburgo

Oferta en Luxemburgo de Desarrolladores y analistas de software y multimedios y analistas

Clasificación del trabajo: Profesionales científicos e intelectuales : Profesionales de tecnología de la información y las comunicaciones : Desarrolladores y analistas de software y multimedios : Desarrolladores y analistas de software y multimedios y analistas no clasificados bajo otros epígrafes.

Akademische Berufe : Akademische und vergleichbare Fachkräfte in der Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie : Entwickler und Analytiker von Software und Anwendungen : Entwickler und Analytiker von Software und Anwendungen, anderweitig nicht genannt

Descripción de la oferta de trabajo:

Job brief:

You will be part of an emerging dynamic data science team responsible for the Group data analytics transformation. The Senior Data Scientist role is focusing on creating and promoting the cutting edge of data-driven business culture at through introduction, assessment of the economic value, data acquisition strategy and deployment of new data sources, data-processing algorithms and technological solutions, which in combination with existing Group data and technologies, allow to maximize the value of data in business.

This role supports Group across all countries of operations with the strong focus towards loan origination quality, marketing programs efficiency and operational cost efficiency improvements through ML and AI techniques and solutions to ensure the Group leading position in the digital lending space.

The short-term focus of this role will be on setting and scaling DS environment and full transformation of the current practices of credit risk modeling towards ML. Microsoft Azure is the company platform of choice for DS development/deployment with strong preference to Python, PyTorch and Spark development. Microsoft PowerBI dashboards will be a model performance and business impact tracking tool. Senior Data Scientist will work in a project-based environment, with KPIs linked to the direct impact on P&L.

Qualification requirements:

Educated to an MSc or PhD level in the field of Computer Science, Applied Statistics, Mathematics, Operations Research, or another quantitative discipline. BS level of education with above 5-year data analysis experience will be considered. Self-education through online courses and data science competitions (Kaggle, CodaLab, DrivenData etc.) are highly welcomed.


• You will identify opportunities and business value for in its internal historical data using statistical, algorithmic, mining and data visualization techniques.

• You will develop and evaluate working model prototypes, such as AI driven chat-bots, fraud classifiers, payment anomalies, marketing and advertisement targeting etc., based on innovative ML algorithms, requirements and constraints of key business stakeholders

• You will be responsible for evaluation and validation of new data sources such as social media data, geo-location data, unstructured data, including voice and image data, transactional data as well as other components that bring value to the Marketing, Risk and Debt collection, Operations and other functional areas

• You will develop the experimental design techniques to validate data initiatives and test hypotheses using scenario modelling to demonstrate the models impact on operational and budgeted business KPIs and overall market competitiveness

• You will introduce the cutting-edge data science techniques such as reinforcement learning and deep learning to payment and loan origination business lines


• Programming experience in the following languages/environments: Python (full proficiency with Pandas, SciKit-learn, SciPy, NumPy, Matplotlib, Keras is a must have requirement, additional experience with PySpark and Seaborn is welcomed), R (full proficiency, including database connection packages RPostgreSQL, RMYSQL, RMongo, RODBC, RSQLite and H2O r package with transformation to JavaScript), SQL, SAS/WPS. Full proficiency with MS PowerBi is required.

• Experience with cloud data processing and model deployment in Microsoft Azure (Azure DevOps, Azure ML, Cognitive services, DataBricks, Data Factory, Event Hubs and Steam analytics) is highly welcomed and required. Solid knowledge of model productionizing using Docker on Azure is a must have.

• Completed projects on one of the following platforms - BigQuery, Kubernetes, AWS (configuring lambda function or/and EC2), Spark - is very beneficial)

• Good knowledge and proven project results (preferably with shared GitHub libraries) with the following deep learning techniques: RNN, CNN, RL on TensorFlow/CNTK (or their Keras wrappers) or PyTorch

• Strong experience with data dimensionality reduction, especially in text and image processing (will be tested during the application process)

• Being comfortable in dealing with generic and incomplete business definitions or project goals and resulting metrics, work without fixed preset of the project parameters to research and reframe the required model specs and measurable impact outcomes

• Ability to clearly present data project results with tangible business and commercial outcomes

• Proven project management skills in data product development and deployment cycle

• Knowledge of distributed computing or NoSQL technologies is a bonus

• Fluent in verbal and written English. Command level of German and/or French is very welcomed

Experience & Knowledge:

• Strong background in applying advanced statistical and ML techniques to the business problem solving, including initial model requirements development with non-analytical business functions

• Experience with strategic data acquisition and setting quick 3rd party analytical products proof of value tests

• Experience in work within an international multi-language, multi-team environment

• Proven track record of successful data products development, deployment and value impact

• Understanding of digital lending, payment systems and digital marketing is desirable

• Good knowledge of database architecture is required

Key stakeholders:

• CDA & Risk, CMO, CFO, COO, CEO other Board members

Travel & Location:

International travel is required between sites for business meetings.

Location: Luxembourg

País del trabajo: Luxemburgo.

Número de puestos: 3.

Tipo de puesto: Contratación directa.

Nivel educativo: Máster o nivel equivalente.

Experiencia: 5 años.

Tipo de contrato: Jornada completa.

Empleador: Notie S.à r.l..

Instrucciones para solicitar:

Vous êtes invité à introduire votre candidature électronique (CV et lettre de motivation) à l’adresse email suivante:" rel="nofollow"> Contact : Mme. Nicole Lopez.

Identificador de la vacante:PES_LU_570603.

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