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2 Experienced Dental assistants. Dinamarca

Trabajo de Dentistas auxiliares y ayudantes de odontología en Dinamarca

Clasificación del trabajo: Técnicos y profesionales de nivel medio : Profesionales de nivel medio de la salud : Otros profesionales de nivel medio de la salud : Dentistas auxiliares y ayudantes de odontología.

Arbejde, der forudsætter viden på mellemniveau : Teknikerarbejde og assisterende arbejde inden for sundhedsområdet : Andet tekniker- og assistentarbejde inden for sundhedsområdet : Arbejde med tandpleje

Descripción de la oferta de trabajo:

2 Experienced Dental assistants.One for the Dental Clinic at the island of Samsø and

one for both Clinic’s Samsø and Skanderborg. Denmark. • Experienced Dental Assistant, Samsø, part time, 18-24 hours per week, divided into 3-4 days. • Experienced Dental Assistant, Samsø and Skanderborg, 30-35 hours, 2-3 days at each clinic. 

We have both clinics in Skanderborg and at Samsø. This means that some of our employees have moved to Samsø (where they enjoy the comfortable island-unity and cheap rent) while others are commuting. We therefore have a versatile worklife, where few days look like each other.

We are a young and professional team with a high working ethic, looking forward to find new members of our team. The clinics in Skanderborg and Samsø are operated together and separeted with a ferry (60 minutes). Everyone works to some extent at both clinics and you will be in contact with- and therefore work with everyone in the team.

We employ people we believe in and those, who wants to work with us for many years.

We offer a salary according to the general Danish agreement, which starts at app. 18.50 € pr. hour.

  1. Danish language classes is possible at the island for a general level, the price is about 2000 kr. pr. Semester. We recommend that you learn the language along with your work in the clinic and attend to the language classes as well.
  2. We have excellent and challenging working conditions.

    The clinic at Samsø is a large, modern clinic with 4 units at the centre of the island.

The clinic in Skanderborg in the centre of the city has a beautiful view, 3 units and an OTP.

Your colleagues will help you from the start with the language, the Social Security System and be helpful to find a place to stay and settle.

  1. At Samsø you’ll soon be a part of the quiet and peacefully island-environment and find it attractive to take care of our patients, who are patient, friendly and understanding.
  2. If you settle at the island you can be close to both work and your family, with family friendly working hours and excellent living conditions for families, with the sea, nature and vegetables in a community with 100 % green energy.
  3. In 2020/2021 there will be directly ferry from Samsø to Aarhus.
  4. We recommend the position at Samsø to an experienced Dental assistant or an assistant, who likes professional challenges.
  5. The clinic in Skanderborg is placed in a High End area, where accommodation and living costs are high.
  6. We have an introduction program with a personal support.

We expect you to be:

  1. -An experienced Dental assistant. At least a few years of work experience.
  2. -Able to understand, speak and write Danish in a short period.
  3. -Familiar with the Danish Social Security System in a short period.
  4. As we spend resources to introduce you well into the Dentist life in Denmark, we expect you to participate, when we in the future receive new colleagues. And we expect you to join us in teambuilding sessions, professional courses and eventually teach at our courses.
  5. We would like you to start now or soon.

You find further information about the sunniest place in Denmark - Samsø here:  

Please send your detailed CV, application and motivation letter to

Anette Kjældgaard on email

Write ”Dental assistant Samso 2020” or

“Dental assistant Samso and Skanderborg 2020” in the subject field.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact

Anette Kjældgaard by email






País del trabajo: Dinamarca.

Número de puestos: 2.

Empleador: Tandlæge Kristian Kirkevang ApS.

Instrucciones para solicitar:

Please apply using one of the specified channels

Forma de contacto:

  • Ciudad: Skanderborg; Código postal: 8660; Calle: Adelgade, Número: 78
  • Correo electrónico:

Identificador de la vacante:5289926.

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