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Contrato de Biólogos, botánicos, zoólogos en Akershus (Noruega)

Postdoctoral Fellowship In Monogastric Animal Nutrition And Health - 17/02209

Clasificación del trabajo: Profesionales científicos e intelectuales : Profesionales de las ciencias y de la ingeniería : Profesionales en ciencias biológicas : Biólogos, botánicos, zoólogos y afines.
Professionals : Science and engineering professionals : Life science professionals : Biologists, botanists, zoologists and related professionals.

Descripción de la oferta de trabajo:

Global challenges regarding energy and climate change, the environment, health, food safety, technology and renewable solutions, use and conservation of land and natural resources, and development of the bio-economy, requires greater effort. NMBU is well equipped to conduct further research in these fields. NMBU's expertise spans entire value chains and includes both basic and applied research.


On 1 January 2014, the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science and the University of Life Sciences merged and became -NMBU, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. NMBU has 1700 employees and 5200 students, and is currently located on two campuses - Ås, about 30 km south of Oslo, and Adamstuen in Oslo. In 2020, the new research- and education-building for veterinary science will be completed and all of NMBU will then be located at Campus Ås.


Further information about NMBU is available on

Jobbnorge ID: 139371

The Faculty of Biosciences ( contributes to the development of sustainable agriculture and food production systems through basic and applied research in plants, animals and fish (aquaculture). The Faculty is organised in two departments: Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences (IHA) and Department of Plant Sciences (IPV).


IHA is currently inviting applications for a full-time, 2-year postdoctoral fellowship, with possibilities for extension depending on available funding. The position is funded by the Research Council of Norway to work on the project "FeedMileage - Efficient use of feed resources for a sustainable Norwegian food production".


FeedMileage aims to improve utilization of national fibre-rich feed resources, increase genetic robustness and improve gut health of the animals. A further goal is to reduce the environmental impact of this production sector through lowered greenhouse gas emissions and reduced nutrient excretion.


The project is a collaboration between the Faculty of Biosciences (host) and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at NMBU.


FeedMileage is closely tied in with the prestigious Centre for Research-based Innovation, Foods of Norway (, which is hosted by IHA.  



Research project

The candidate will be mainly associated with work package 4 in FeedMileage on evaluating the effect of feeding diets based on local protein feed resources on pig growth performance, gastro-intestinal and general health. A major research focus will be to evaluate the effect of protein sources (e.g. rapeseed meal, field beans, and peas) on nutritional value, growth performance and gastro-intestinal health of pigs by using a wide range of analytical techniques to provide novel insight into the mode of action of feed ingredients on pigs' performance, gut function and health.



Main tasks

  • Design and conduct experiments with pigs and broiler chickens to determine growth performance and assessment of gastro-intestinal homeostasis and health.
  • Diet formulation and feed production.
  • Study the impact of novel/functional feed on animal growth performance and health using state of the art tools (including immunostaining, next-generation sequencing technology, microscopy, metabolomics and proteomics).
  • Processing and statistical analysis of data.
  • Generate scientific publications.

Minimum required qualifications

  • A doctoral degree in animal nutrition and physiology or related discipline.
  • Appropriate research experience and training in nutr

Servicio de empleo de origen: NAV, Servicios Públicos de Empleo, Noruega.

País del trabajo: Noruega.

Región: Akershus.

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Fecha de inicio: 16/06/2017.

Nº de vacantes: 1.

Alojamiento facilitado: No.

Traslado incluido: No.

Se requieren cualificaciones profesionales: No.

Salario: 0.0 NOK mínimo y 0.0 NOK máximo (Anualmente).

Cómo solicitar: Otros (véase la descripción).

Empresa: Norges miljø- og biovitenskapelige unive.

Dirección: Universitetstunet 3 1430 ÅS.

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