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PhD in sport psychology. Oslo. Noruega

Oferta de Psicólogos en Noruega (Oslo)

Clasificación del trabajo: Profesionales científicos e intelectuales : Profesionales en derecho, en ciencias sociales y culturales : Especialistas en ciencias sociales y teología : Psicólogos.
Professionals : Legal, social and cultural professionals : Social and religious professionals : Psychologists.

Descripción de la oferta de trabajo:

The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (NSSS) is a specialized university and serves as the premier education and research institution of sport science in the Nordic countries. Our mission is to educate, investigate and present a broad range of topics within theoretical and practical sport science. Our Bachelor's degree, Master's degree and PhD programmes aim to be of great relevance. NSSS has approximately 1300 students and a staff of 220 in five departments, six administrative units and two research centres. The campus and sports facilities are located near Sognsvann in Oslo. For more information on NSSS, visit    

Jobbnorge ID: 141689

The Department of Coaching and Psychology has a vacant PhD candidate position in the field of sport psychology. The predefined PhD project will focus on mental health in elite sport participants.

The successful candidate will conduct cutting-edge research within sport psychology, examining Mental Health and Elite sports with a focus on youth, current elite athletes, as well as retired athletes. The project includes: 1) a survey to determine the status of mental health among current and retired elite athletes in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Canada. 2) A longitudinal study of young elite athletes' mental health development over a 3 year period, and 3) develop and conduct an intervention study among elite level athletes who are "at risk" based on data from the first project.

The predefined project will be under the supervision of Professor Anne Marte Pensgaard and the candidate is expected to work in close collaboration with other PhD candidates within the department, as well as researchers from Sweden, Denmark and Canada.

The PhD candidate will be involved in the planning, implementation and development of lectures on bachelor and master level within the Department of Coaching and Psychology at NSSS. The PhD candidate therefore is required to actively participate in and contribute to the academic community.

The PhD project will lead to multiple publications in relevant peer-reviewed journals. The successful candidate must demonstrate competence in both oral and written English as well as in a Scandinavian language.

Competence requirements and selection processThe applicant must be qualified for a PhD candidate position at NSSS. This entails a master exam (from a two-year master program) /exam from higher education higher degree with minimum grade requirement B or international equivalent. The position is especially relevant for candidates with a Master's degree in sport psychology or equivalent in a related field.

We seek a determined and motivated candidate with a strong interest in sport psychology, mental health and elite athletes.

The successful candidate should have knowledge and experience in applied sport psychology or clinical work with elite athletes. The successful applicant also needs to demonstrate the ability to work both independently and as part of a research team, with the support of a supervisor.

The position will entail collaboration with various institutions and organizations. Therefore, communication skills and collaborative experience will be emphasized in the evaluation of candidates. Finally, personal skills, in-depth systematic work processes and personal interest/experience for sport organizations will be considered.

Working conditionsSalary is offered according to the Norwegian State pay scale, employment code 1017, PhD research fellow. The appointment will be made according to terms applying to civil servants. The NSSS is a member of the Norwegian State Pension Fund.

The PhD research fellowship period is 4 years. Supervision and teaching duties can be assigned within the limit of 25 % of the full position. Working

Servicio de empleo de origen: NAV, Servicios Públicos de Empleo, Noruega.

País del trabajo: Noruega.

Región: Oslo.

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Fecha de inicio: 02/09/2017.

Nº de vacantes: 1.

Alojamiento facilitado: No.

Traslado incluido: No.

Se requieren cualificaciones profesionales: No.

Salario: 0.0 NOK mínimo y 0.0 NOK máximo (Anualmente).

Cómo solicitar: Otros (véase la descripción).

Empresa: Norges idrettshøgskole.

Dirección: Sognsveien 220 0863 OSLO.

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