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Demanda de Empleados de centros de llamadas en Portugal

Norwegian Customer Service Representative In Lisbon!

Clasificación del trabajo: Personal de apoyo administrativo : Empleados en trato directo con el público : Empleados de servicios de información al cliente : Empleados de centros de llamadas.

Empregados administrativos : Empregados de atendimento ao público : Empregados que prestam informações ao cliente : Empregados dos centros de chamadas

Descripción de la oferta de trabajo:

NorwegianCustomer Service Representative in Lisbon / Portugal - Start March 4th

1 year all inclusive, included: Accommodation / adventure / work. Experience Portugal before you study or decide on your future.

We are looking for someone who wants to come to Portugal to meet people from all over the world for 12 months. Come and work for one of the world's largest customer service companies that represent some of the world's largest companies that you probably already have contact with in your everyday life today.

We offer a year of increased work experience in a controlled environment. Where the result is greater life experience, new friends, contacts from all over the world, many laughs. It includes accommodation for the whole year, daily business activities that are linked to sports, food, language and culture.

The job:

You will work as a customer service representative for some of the world's most famous brands. You will be responsible for ensuring that your customers receive the most professional help at the right time with high customer satisfaction. High service mind is in focus.

Benefits of living and working in Portugal:

- Sun 300 days a year

- Low income tax

- Member of the EU

- Active big city life

Low cost of living against Norwegian:

- 2.5 EUR  (24 NOK)   Meal in corporate restaurants

- 6 EUR   (57 NOK)   Meal in the cafeteria

- 12 EUR  (114 NOK)  Meal in average restaurant

- 0.56 EUR (5.50 NOK)  1L Milk

- 0.60 EUR (6 NOK)     Coffee

- 0.95 EUR (9.5 NOK)   Beer

- 0.30 EUR (3 NOK)    Bread

- 0.40 EUR (4 NOK)    Bottle of water

About the employer:

- The world's largest customer service company

- Available in 61 countries

- 147,000 employees worldwide

- 75 different nationalities

- Awards as employer of the year 2017

- Awards as this year's workplace 2017

Qualifications to apply:

If you are interested in taking this step and have the following qualifications, apply today:

- Fluent in theNorwegian language in speech and writing

- intermediate level of English language in speech and writing

- Positive attitude, service-oriented, solution-oriented

- A responsible person

- A social person who is interested to get 1 year of experience before studying further or take the next step in life.

- Complete high school grades

- Be prepared for one year's work in Portugal.

Training takes place on site and previous experience in customer service, service professions or sales is a plus.


You will be offered a fixed salary and free accommodation during the entire stay in Lisbon:

- Fixed monthly salary bonus

- Paid accommodation throughout the stay.

- Refund of air ticket

- Bonus system

- Full schedule of business activities all year round.

For more information contact Project Manager: Viktor Strömberg, +4673 366 33 97

The work is full time 40 hours per week. You work in predetermined shifts where each pass is 8 hours. 22 days holiday per year

The company also helps with basic information to get into the Portuguese system of bank account and everything that goes with it.

País del trabajo: Portugal.

Número de puestos: 1.

Tipo de puesto: Contratación directa.

Tipo de contrato: Jornada completa.

Empleador: Lansera AB.

Instrucciones para solicitar:

Identificador de la vacante:8195863.

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