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Postdoc position for experimental studies of EOR/IOR processes

Trabajos en Dinamarca (HOVEDSTADEN) de Profesores de universidades y de la enseñanza superior

Clasificación del trabajo: Profesionales científicos e intelectuales : Profesionales de la enseñanza : Profesores de universidades y de la enseñanza superior : Profesores de universidades y de la enseñanza superior.
Arbejde, der forudsætter viden på højeste niveau inden for pågældende område : Undervisning og pædagogisk arbejde : Undervisning og forskning ved universiteter og højere læreranstalter : Undervisning og forskning på universiteter og højere læreranstalter.

Descripción de la oferta de trabajo:
The Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre (Centre for Oil and Gas – DTU), Technical University of Denmark (DTU), invites applicants for positions on investigations of recovery methods and their mechanisms in the context of advanced water flooding. Centre for Oil and Gas – DTU is established by the Danish Underground Consortium and DTU. As part of a national strategy on oil and gas, the research centre is an ambitious, targeted effort to improve recovery of oil and gas from the Danish North Sea. The first of the cross-disciplinary flagship programmes of the centre is advanced water flooding of the Dan, Halfdan, and Kraka oil fields. Responsibilities and tasks The positions will be an integrated part of the advanced water flooding programme with the focus on improving oil recovery in chalk reservoirs in the Danish part of the North Sea. In this context, the team is expected to perform innovative, fundamental, and applied research on: •Water-based recovery processes, e.g., Smart Water, Surfactant, or carbonated water Injection other DME EOR methods. •Studies of fluid-fluid and rock-oil-brine interactions and wettability to improve the understanding of the mechanisms contributing to increased recovery in chalk reservoirs. •The flooding potential in fracture-matrix dominated reservoir systems •Contribution to increased system understanding through core flooding , wettability and phase behaviour studies Water based enhanced oil recovery (EOR) employs different techniques to optimize the displacement of oil and to minimize the residual oil left behind by the water flooding of oil reservoirs. Smart Water processes involve changes in the ionic composition of the injection brine during water flooding of oil reservoirs, while adding surfactants lower the oil-water interfacial tension to mobilize oil. DME flooding can improve oil recovery by different mechanisms, e.g. strong oil swelling and oil viscosity reduction. To better understand and to test the hypotheses for the advanced water-based recovery processes in chalk reservoirs, laboratory flooding experiments under reservoir conditions should be carried out. High-precision measurements of flooding effluent production and characterization of effluents are some of the key challenges. The understanding of rock-fluid interactions and wettability alteration will provide information to interpret the flooding experiments, improve the simulation models at both core and reservoir level. The team will be responsible for establishing the flooding facilities and assist in upscaling of models from core to field scale. The potential candidate must be an expert in designing, building, performing and analysing different experiments in particular high-pressure and high-temperature flooding experiments, micromodel experiments at reservoir conditions, contact angle measurements for wettability studies and IFT determination, PVT studies under reservoir conditions, chemical analysis, zeta potential measurements, high-pressure and high-temperature imbibition experiments, and surfactant screening, characterization, and phase behaviour experiments. Experience in working with live fluids is a must. The candidate must have a solid background in the areas of carbonated water injection, smart water flooding, surfactant flooding, DME flooding, gas injection, and CO2 injection and underground storage. Having the previous experience of screening water-based EOR scenarios; i.e. DME, Smart Water and Surfactant Flooding, in tight chalk reservoirs in the Danish part of the North Sea is a great advantage. Previous experience of co-supervising and teaching PhD/MSc students is an advantage. Having a good list of publication is essential. Close collaboration with other researchers and students working with oil characterization and modelling are expected. The team will participate in a growing cross-disciplinary research program, involving several researchers at DTU and other Danish universities, rese

Servicio de empleo de origen: AMS, Servicios Públicos de Empleo, Dinamarca.

País del trabajo: Dinamarca.

Región: Hovedstaden.

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Fecha de inicio: 03/06/2017.

Nº de vacantes: 1.

Nivel educativo requerido: Sin especificar.

Cómo solicitar el puesto:
Sidsel Marie Nielsen

Empresa: Danmarks Tekniske Universitet.

Teléfono: 45252525.

Fax: 45881799.

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