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Contratación en Suiza (Genève) de Técnicos en electrónica

Electronics Spec. (design And Operations) #12524#

Clasificación del trabajo: Técnicos y profesionales de nivel medio : Profesionales de las ciencias y la ingeniería de nivel medio : Técnicos en ciencias físicas y en ingeniería : Técnicos en electrónica.
Techniker und gleichrangige nichttechnische Berufe : Ingenieurtechnische und vergleichbare Fachkräfte : Material- und ingenieurtechnische Fachkräfte : Techniker im Bereich Elektronik.

Descripción de la oferta de trabajo:
Introduction Electronics Specialist (Design and Operations) in the Beams Department (BE), Radio-Frequency Group (RF). You will join: The Beams Department (BE), which hosts the Groups responsible for beam generation, acceleration, diagnostics, controls and performance optimisation. The Radio-Frequency (RF) Group ( (link is external)) of the Beams (BE) department, responsible for the operation of all RF systems to accelerate and control the particle beams in all CERN synchrotrons and linear accelerators, including projects for future accelerators and upgrades to the existing installations. The Feedback and Beam Control Section (FB) within the RF Group, responsible for the design and operation of all low power electronic systems needed for fast feedback control of the particle beams and to generate the drive signals to the RF power systems to accelerate and store the beams as well as to damp oscillations. Functions Two posts are open in the Group, one in the PS team, the other in the SPS Team. As Electronics Specialist (Design and Operations), you will design electronic modules for the control and acceleration of proton and ion beams in the CERN accelerator complex. Some modules are custom-designed, others are from industrial suppliers, and your task would then be the design of the specific firmware and software. These modules contain high performance Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) or system on chip (SoC) for fast signal processing implementing field regulation algorithms, data logging and interfacing with the control system. The digital part is often preceded by analogue electronics converting RF signals in the 10 MHz - 1 GHz range to an intermediate frequency that can be sampled with today's ADC's. Initially you will participate both in the RF electronics upgrade project and in the operation of the existing electronics, thereby gaining the necessary understanding of acceleration of charged particles. Most CERN accelerators will be stopped in 2019 and 2020, when you will work full-time on the RF electronics upgrade project, which must be completed before the accelerators restart in 2021. For either post, you will in particular: Participate to the operation and maintenance of existing RF electronics. Develop firmware and embedded software to implement signal processing in FPGA. Design mixed signal electronic modules containing a large digital processing part and RF electronics for legacy crate standards as well as most advanced standards. Design script for hardware tests, set-up and commissioning. Follow up production, integration with other accelerator components in close collaboration with colleagues. Provide support for operation, including participation in an on call service during weekends, nights and public holidays. Produce and manage the associated technical documentation. Qualification required Bachelor in the field of electronics, or equivalent. Experience and competencies The experience required for these posts is: Experience in the design of digital electronics including firmware. Experience with the use of modern tools for the design of firmware and embedded software. Experience with the use of modern measurement instruments. An interest in Beam Physics and the interaction between accelerator RF systems and the particle beams. The technical competencies required for this post are: Design of electronics for digital control systems and loops. Design of electronics based on field programmable logic-based devices (FPGA). Analog circuit design, modelling and simulation. The behavioural competencies required for this post are: Working in teams: understanding when teamwork is required to achieve the best results; including others accordingly and sharing information. Demonstrating accountability: working conscientiously and reliably; delivering on promises. Demonstrating flexibility: readily absorbing new techniques and working practices; proposing new or improved ways of working. Achieving re

Servicio de empleo de origen: SECO, Servicios Públicos de Empleo, Suiza.

País del trabajo: Suiza.

Región: Genève.

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Fecha de inicio: 31/07/2017.

Nº de vacantes: 2.

Experiencia: Más de 5 años.

Nivel educativo requerido: Sin especificar.

Lenguas exigidas: inglés: (notable) .

Carnet de conducir: Turismo de 8 plazas; camión de hasta 3,5 toneladas.

Salario: 6503.0 CHF mínimo y 9286.0 CHF máximo (Bruto Mensualmente).

Tipo de contrato: Jornada completa.

Duración del contrato: Determinado.

Cómo solicitar: Otros (véase la descripción).

Cómo solicitar el puesto:

Empresa: CERN Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire.

Dirección: CERN Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire Route de Meyrin 385 1217 Meyrin.

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